Weekends like this are our favorite


Awesome :)

They look like a whole lot of fun!


Hi Ninjas!
I met a Canadian guy this weekend and was hoping he would recognize my NN bracelet. although he didn’t, we ended up having sex anyway. he was on the right way, slapped me, choked me, spat on my face and fucked me roughly exactly as I like. the problem was he didn’t care if I came or not and refused to perform oral on me, and that’s when I found out he’s actually an asshole.
I should have followed my gut when we met… I had a feeling he wasn’t a nice guy.
I decided to show you guys the marks he left on me: a bitten right nipple, a bruise on my left arm and another on my chest. I usually enjoy being marked but this time they remind me that I should always follow my instincts and not settle down for the first guy I see.
happy Sunday!

I’m really glad you mentioned that this guy did not know what NN was, and I’m sorry you had that experience. Though it does sound like you learnt a valuable lesson, and that’s the most important part hopefully you were safe and you won’t make the same mistake again. Thank you for your honesty, and sharing your submission with us. 

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