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Oh god, the number of times I have been here, this hard, this close, only to be told ‘no’ by Bea. The desire, the urge, the need to just slide inside her is  overpowering; but I don’t.  I gave Bea the power over my sex life long ago and proving to her that that power is real is more important to me than any personal release.

I love hearing the sub’s side of the story.  ”Proving to her that that power is real” — wow, that describes D/s pretty well, in my opinion.  The power dynamic is real when (and because) both people consciously choose to make it real. 

One of the most romantic things I’ve ever heard :)  <happy sigh>

(by Lina Scheynius)
his hips are wider than my waist..

Ethiopian chef based in Sweden, Marcus Samuelsson, and wife, model Maya Haile.